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  • Online Registration for Products Warranty and After-sales Service Notice

    Sound Works & Supplies Limited to her distributed products provides the following services:

    1. Free-of-charge warranty service during the warranty period and charged service outside of the warranty period

    2. Parts or accessories ordering service

    3. Free-of-charge hotline service or free-of-charge or charge onsite technical support service

    The above services are only applicable upon a successful online registration within 30 days of purchase. Please read and agree the following terms and conditions before completing your online registration.

    Terms and Conditions

    1. Product MUST be purchased from our Company or from our dealers. Registration will NOT be considered as successful if the product’s Serial Number is fail to match to the records at our database.

    2. Customer MUST finish online registration within 30 days of purchase.

    3. Please fill in all information in BLOCK LETTER including the Serial Number of the products and the full of the vendor. Otherwise, the Company will NOT provide the mentioned services above.

    4. We will provide 3 months, one or two years free warranty commencing from the date of purchase. Length of warranty period depends on different brands and products. Within the warranty period, all the defective parts, material will be supplied and repaired in free of charge for the fault caused by original design.

    5. Warranty period for the below items is 3 months from date of purchase:   

          -  Voice coil and diaphragm of microphone    

          -  Driver, voice coil and diaphragm of loudspeaker

    6. Free warranty does not cover:   

          i. damage was caused by improper operation or use   

          ii. damage was caused during transportation   

          iii. damage was caused due to natural environment or improper operating environment, such as poor ventilation, high humidity or high temperature in the equipment room or the input voltage applied to the equipment is too high and etc.   

          iv. force majeure circumstances 

          v. has inadequate repaired or modified by the user or by any third party   

          vi. was malicious destruction

    7. All Repairing and Maintenance services will be provided in our service center ONLY. For any onsite service due to special request, the customer should bear all costs and expenses incurred by these actions.

    8. We reserve the right to make changes the statements, terms and conditions without prior notice.


I understand and accept all the terms and Conditions.

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