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  • Great achievements of d&b in October

    2017-11-09 10:07:51
  • League of Legends World Championship 2017 - Guangzhou Station and Shanghai Station

    Date: 19th-22nd Oct, 2017; 28th-29th Oct, 2017

    Venue: Guangzhou Gymnasium; Shanghai Oriental Sports Center

    d&b sound system: J-Series & V-Series



    Simple Life Festival

    Date: 4th-6th Oct, 2017

    Venue: Shanghai Expo Park

    d&b sound system: J-Series, V-Series & M-Series



    The 8th Harvest Festival of Koreans in China

    Date: 1st-3rd Oct, 2017

    Venue: The Ewha Folk Culture Square & Dongshengyong Town, Longjing City

    d&b sound system: J-Series



    1024 Global Developer Festival (1024GDF)

    Date: 24th Oct, 2017

    Venue: Binhu International Convention Center, Hefei

    d&b sound system: J-Series & M-Series



    Chenyu Hua Mars Concert 2017

    Date: 13th-14th Oct, 2017

    Venue: Cadillac Arena, Beijing

    d&b sound system: J-Series, V-Series, Q-Series, Y-Series & M-Series



    Xu Song “Youth Evening Paper” Concert 2017 - Guangzhou Station

    Date: 7th Oct, 2017

    Venue: Guangzhou Gymnasium

    d&b sound system: J-Series、M-Series、B22-SUB



    Charmaine Fong "My Spiritual Live" 2017

    Date: 7th-8th Oct, 2017

    Venue: Star Hall of Kowloonbay International Trade & Exhibition Centre, Hong Kong

    d&b sound system: J-Series, M-Series & V-Series



    Hip Hop Al Parque 2017

    Date: 21st-22nd Oct, 2017

    Venue: Parque Central Simon Bolivar, Bogota, Colombia

    d&b sound system: J-Series & V-Series



    Road to Ultra Chile 2017

    Date: 14th Oct, 2017

    Venue: Movistar Arena, Santiago

    d&b sound system: J-Series




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