• mc236 All-in-one Production Console 
  • General Description

    With experience gathered over more than 40 years, Lawo is distinguished by its engineering and manufacturing of most reliable and most advanced audio mixing consoles available. Originally developed for broadcast environments with zero tolerance for failure, Lawo consoles are also widely chosen for their audio quality in theater, studio and live performance applications.

    The new mc²36 is the German company’s first all-in-one console, designed for maximum ease-of-use and “unbelievable” value-for-money, to make the benefit of this expertise available for an even broader group of users. The compact size, in-built DSP and I/0 make the new console equally perfect for permanent installations with limited space and rental companies’ transportation demands.

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  • Product Features

    ■ 32 Mic/Line Inputs

    ■ 32 Line Outputs

    ■ 8 AES3 IN

    ■ 8 AES3 OUT

    ■ 8 GPIO

    ■ 1 MADI (SFP)

    ■ 3 RAVENNA / AES67

    ■ 1 Headphone

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